We serve entrepreneurs and top management in the following areas



  • Sell-side and buy-side projects
  • Financial modeling
  • Carve-out
  • Commercial due diligence
  • Financing/funding

Strategy and implementation


  • Development of business cases
  • Strategic alliances
  • Joint Ventures
  • Restructuring
  • Project management office

Dos and don’ts

What we do

  • Serve those who want to achieve outstanding results in their industries or within their company
  • Deliver high quality in any task
  • Balance between legitimate details and transparency
  • Sift through complex issues and break it down to only relevant insights
  • Pull the trigger or support you to do so
  • Straight talking
  • Help you to accelerate your career

What we don't do

  • Merely optimize stuff (processes, margins, cash, … )
  • Research – unless you provide the material and data
  • Unnecessary slides, reports, minutes
  • Engage in “paralysis-by-analysis”
  • Participate in intellectual masturbation
  • Tell you what you want to hear – unless it is true
  • Try to please everyone
  • Be part of corporate politics

By the way, we practice what we preach: We acquire and build successful businesses ourselves

Industries covered

We serve midsized German companies as well as international corporate clients in various industries:



KapVision GmbH

Klosterstraße 40
48565 Steinfurt


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